“Lucky” won’t be seen anymore

From the Frisco Enterprise Thursday,January 27, 1977

In a time of indifference to stray dogs and cats,  many people are attracted to a few old pets.  During the past twelve years, one orange-red chow named “Lucky” came to be known by many citizens of Frisco.  The Cates’ old pet (he would have been 84 dog years old) followed Mike and Scott to most activities and could be rememberd as the one with the innocent big brown eyes who whined all the time at such things as baseball games or youth center activities.

“Lucky”, who had become deaf in his old age, was killed on Main street near Moseley’s Grocery sometime early Friday morning.  Although he was a nuisance to some , we, as friends know he will be missed by many.

(Contributed by Lois Marion Cates-2009)  Thanks Lois!