The Family of Jeremiah Vardeman and Polly Coffee


Husband:   Jeremiah Vardeman
Born:  10 May 1797 in Lincoln County, Kentucky
Died:  28 March 1854 in Collin County, Texas
Father:   Morgan Vardeman
Mother:   Polly Trousdale


Wife:   Polly Coffee
Born:  25 April 1808 in
Died:  29 May 1842 in

Married:  12 March 1829 in



Child Sex Birth Death
Jesse Morgan Vardeman M 3 February 1830 17 May 1903
Mary Elizabeth Vardeman F 8 August 1831 1 May 1877
John Vardeman M 18 April 1833 16 October 1849
Lucy Ann Vardeman F 13 November 1834 22 February 1901
Ephraim Vardeman M 9 January 1837 6 March 1901
Patsy Jane Vardeman F 29 January 1838 18 October 1926
Jeremiah Vardeman M January 1840 May 1863

5th Generation: Jeremiah Vardeman was born in Lincoln County, KY May 10, 1797. There is a great story regarding the romance and marriage of Jeremiah Vardeman to Polly Coffee. Polly Coffee was born April 25, 1808 and married Jeremiah Vardeman on March 12, 1829. Jeremiah and Polly had seven children as follows: Jesse Morgan, Mary, John, Lucy Ann, Ephriam P., Patsy Jane, and Jeremiah.

Polly Vardeman wife of Jeremiah Vardeman died May 29, 1842. Jeremiah Vardeman and five of their seven children moved from Kentucky after Polly’s death, to Collin County, Texas, in 1853, between Melissa and Anna. Jeremiah Vardeman died March 28, 1854 and is buried in the Throckmorton Cemetery, Collin County, Texas

Jeremiah and Polly’s first son, Jesse Morgan married Hannah Portman they are buried in Bridges Cemetery, Denton County, Texas.

Children of Jesse Morgan Vardeman and Hanna H Portman (Often spelled with “a” ie: Vardaman)

Mary Jane Vardeman b. November 4, 1852 d. February 13, 1927 (Spouse: James M. Hayes)
**George Lively Vardeman b. November 8, 1854 d. March 21, 1929 (No indication of spouse)
Patsy Vardeman+ b. July 18, 1858, d. February 14, 1906 (Spouse: Tom W. Fouts)
Betty Vardeman+ b. July 18, 1858 d. December 8, 1920 (Spouse: Oliver Clinton Buster)
**Jefferson Davis Vardeman b. January 8, 1862 d. July 1, 1947 (Spouse: Hattie N. Cobb)
**Nancy “Nannie” Snell Vardeman b. October 18, 1865 d. April 9, 1929 (No indication of spouse)
John Welch Vardeman b. November 26, 1871
Ephriam Jeremiah Vardeman+ b. January 29, 1876 d. November 10, 1928 (Spouse: #1)Annie Hill; #2) Daisey McCullough


Jefferson Davis Vardeman, son of Jesse and Hannah Portman Vardeman married Hattie Cobb and they had the following children: Audrey Bryan, Nannie, Welch, Ephriam, and Bettie. Ephriam first married Annie Hill and they had the 2 children. After the death of Annie, Ephraim married again to Daisy McCollough.

NOTE:The history of this family is particularily interesting to early Frisco families as a great many of the very early land deals involved the Vardeman families, particularily in the area around East Oak Street.


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