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Intersection of Coit Road and Eldorado Parkway

Foncine StoreThe community may have been named for Foncine Fisher the daughter of R.C. Fisher who gave Foncine its start about 1890 when he built a general store, gristmill, cotton gin, and grain elevator. The family of William and Pauline Adams purchased 160 acres in the area in 1877 and built a four-room house on what is the highest point in Collin County. With no paved roads to travel to nearby trade centers, the settlers developed their own small centers and gathering points near their homes. The Foncine post office was in operation from 1895 to 1902. Children in the community got their education at the Pleasant Ridge School better known as Possum Trot. Shelby Adams was one of the best known residents of Foncine and his store, located where the AT&T tower on Eldorado stands today, had the most delicious strawberry soda pop which was kept cold in the store’s ice chest. Shelby was generous with his younger customers and often gave free samples of penny candy when they visited. Shelby Adams purchased a 1908 Maxwell automobile that may have been the first purchased in Collin County.