6991 Main Street

In 1911 Fred McIntire and his brother-in-law Carroll Montgomery were partners in the McIntire and Montgomery Undertaking and Hardware. A man named “Cheese” Johnson of McKinney was hired to erect this building. An advertisement from a 1913 issue of the Frisco Journal states: “Just received—a car load of Bois d’Arc wagons, at our hardware store. McIntire and Montgomery.” The hardware part of the business would have been at the front of the building and the rear would have been used for the undertaking portion of the business. The funeral business up until around 1920 was mainly the building of caskets making the combination of hardware and undertaking a logical fit. The business was later sold to Mr. Montgomery who moved it down the street to another location. Carroll Montgomery purchased the funeral business from W. J. Wagoner, the first established funeral director in Frisco. At this time about 1919 or 1920, Mr. Montgomery purchased a Seyers and Scoble motorized hearse, the first for Frisco. Mr. Montgomery sold his business in 1924 to W. T. Byrum. This building has been used for a wide variety of retail, service, manufacturing, and storage business in its many years.