7604 Oak Street

Fletcher HouseThis home was built circa 1906 by Ed Jackson on acreage developed by the Blackland Townsite Company. Mr. Jackson was an early hardware merchant in Frisco and two of his children graduated from Frisco High School in 1909 and 1910, respectively. The Jackson’s left Frisco around 1911. The William Fletcher family purchased the home and an additional 15 acres surrounding it around 1920 and made their home here. Bill Fletcher raised cotton, maize, and wheat on his land that started one block east of North County and Oak Streets and ran all the way to Preston Road. In addition to farming, the Fletcher family also raised cow, pigs, and chickens and it is said that their eggs, milk, and butter were the best around. Mr. Fletcher was the owner of the first baseball team in Frisco in 1920 giving some action to the small town. They played other teams from the surrounding area. The Fletchers had two daughters who both graduated from Frisco High School.