Harriett Ann Haggard Roach (11 Feb 1938 – 15 May 2000) Ann Roach was a Frisco native and life-long resident. In her youth, she loved taking care of animals and dressing them up as “her children”. Her favorite hobby was reading a book perched atop the roof. She was valedictorian of her FHS class and attended the University of Texas.

Married to Sam Roach for nearly 42 years, she raised two children and doted on five grandchildren. She was constantly involved in her children’s activities, taught at a Montessori school, active in the First United Methodist Church, and a member of the fundraising committee for Frisco’s Project for the Future.

It is appropriate that a tree in Ann’s memory be planted at Warren Park. During the last few years of her life, she spent every Saturday and several weeknights at the fields watching her grandchildren’s games during soccer, football, baseball, and softball seasons.

Ann will be remembered for her love and devotion to family and friends, her generous spirit, her ready smile, and her can-do attitude.

What We Want People to Know About Our Grandmother

My Grandmother was nice and kind. She was respectful of all people and kids. She was very loved by her family. She gave lots of hugs and kisses.

Sam, 7 years old

Ann Roach was my dear grandmother. She was always there for us and would always treat us special. She would go anywhere with us and do anything we wanted to do. She was like our guardian angel.

I will never forget her and what she put into our lives. She touched my heart every time I saw her and still does when I look at her picture. Every night I say the stuff I would usually say to her like, “I love you” and “good night”. She was the best lady there will ever be. She was perfect in every way.

Kristen, 11 years old

My grandmother was a very special person to me. She could completely understand me. She was my favorite person in the entire world. She did everything for us. We would magically put stuff behind us and enjoy ourselves in her presence. She cared for us all the time. I loved her cooking, especially her noodles. She would put a whole stick of butter in the pot!

She would let us do anything we wanted, and she would play with us. I treasured the nights that we slept over at her house. I loved the way she smelled, looked, and felt. She was a very special person in my life and made a huge difference. I miss her and I will never forget her.

Melissa, 11 years old