March 20, 1905- November 10, 2004

Portia Ross Taylor – Mrs. Taylor was a long-time and beloved teacher at the Hamilton School, a school that served students in the black community from 1924 until FISD integrated in 1964. She grew up in Terrell and graduated from Bishop College. Students say she was like a mother to them – she lived in Dallas and her husband would drive her to Frisco each week to teach and she would go home on the weekends. According to former students, she would walk them home and eat supper and stay with their families during the week. For 34 years she taught students and instilled a love of learning; her legacy lived on as her sisters and cousins and many other family members were teachers. Mrs. Taylor died November 10, 2004, at the age of 99. She is buried at Laurel Land in Dallas.