Plant A Memory History

In Honor of: Donated by:
Aidan Haughey Bob and Betty Jo King
Aldena Bashor Her beloved family
Alison Haughey Bob and Betty Jo King
ALL WAR VETERANS Gerald & Vickie Perrin
Alvie Edwin Morris The Family of Alvie Edwin Morris
Amelia Davis Ray and Lena Smith
Angela & G. Thomas Anselmi John Anselmi
Ann Haggard Roach Sam and Anita Roach
Ann Roach Kyle & Christiann Roach
Ann Roach Melissa, Kristen and Sam Beaver
Anna Lue Johnson Poole Loreda Johnson Dinsmore and Edna Johnson Carver
Audie Adkins Frisco Leadership Class III
Barbara Ann Spellacy Farone John Anselmi Family
Bert & Eloise Isbell The Children of Bert & Eloise Isbell
Bill and Jennie Fletcher Joan Franklin Brown
Bob & Ann Warren GNB (Larry Egan)
Bob & Betty Jo King Greg, Cheryl, Aidan and Alison Haughey
Bob Schrodt Friends of June Taylor
Bob Sutton Friends of Bob Sutton
Bobby Gaylon Talley Barbara & Rex Talley
Bobby Johnson Ray Smith
Brandi Chase Noel Her friends
Carley Diane Sturgell Dale & Chelly Sturgell
Cavil Lyle Bright The Smith Family
Cecile Smith Fisher Susie Cannaday King
Charles VanBebber Friends of Charles VanBebber
Charles Henry (Donnie) Saunders Barbara and Rex Tally
Charlotte Anderson Her children, Julie and Jeff Jordan, and her husband, Ron Anderson
Chester Forrest Deckert Ty O’Neal
Chester Johnson Barbara Carpenter
Christopher H. Crock Craig C. Crock
Claiborne H. Johnson, Jr. John and Maureen Anselmi
Cyril Vincent Saunders Barbara and Rex Talley
David Gregor Family & Friends of David Gregor
Dean & Margie Walker Mike and Darla Hays
Don Duke Frisco Parks & Recreation Department
Don Duke City of Frisco Parks and Recreation Department employees
Donald M. Wauldron Grace M. Wauldron
Donald Ray Dean Dr. Erwin and Elisabeth Pink
Dorothy Rolater Burke & Associates, Edmund Burke and Sarah Claunch
Dorris Moore Hall Financial Group
Douglas, Colleen, & Ashtyn Balcer Ruth Borchardt Elemenatry School and Other Friends
Dr. Erwin Pink Laurie, Candace, Harris & Jana Pink
Dr. Pete & Mary Liz Siegal Audie and Larry Adkins
Dr. Robert Gerein The Family and Friends of Dr. Robert Gerein
Ed & Lona Johnson and Family Loreda Johnson Dinsmore, Anna Lue Johnson Poole and Edna Earle Johnson Carver
Edmund Burke 5 Sarah Claunch
Edna Earle Johnson Carver Loreda Johnson Dinsmore
Edris & Bernice Elliott Sam Elliott and Donna Bright
Elisabeth Pink GNB
Elliott Storey Ray & Dorothy Davis & family and Rick and Judith Reedy
Emory ‘Bud’ Simpson and Phil Edwards Mike and Sandy Simpson, in memory of their fathers
Erwin G. Pink MD GNB
Ethel Kuhlman Marilyn Kuhlman and Thomas Rush
Evelyn Harrison Curtis Harrison
Flint Loughridge Ray Smith
Frances Brazeal The Family of Frances Brazeal
Francis & Jessie Malone Louise Malone Henley & Siblings
Frisco Lions Club Members of the Frisco Lions Club
Frisco Rotary Club John Anselmi in honor of the Charter Members of the Rotary Club
G. Thomas Anselmi John Anselmi
Gary Burns Frisco Fire Department
Gay Chandler Rock-N-Stock Women’s Investment Group
George Wilford “Gene” Redmon The Family of George Redmon
Gladys Stein Pink Dr. Erwin and Elisabeth Pink
Grace Elizabeth Vender Friends of Doug and Kelley Vender
Harless W. Feagins Jewell Dunn
Harold C. Pelias Ludia Pelias
Harris James & M. Lucile Merten Erwin G. Pink MD & Elisabeth Rue Pink
Her Sisters Vivian McCallum
Homer & Amelia Haggard Sam & Ann Roach
Ina Gene Waldsmith Frisco High School Class 1948
Isabel Sem Her friends
J. W. Tittle Family of J. W. Tittle
J.W. Carpenter Jr. Barbara Carpenter
James Meador 6 Sarah Claunch and Jim Meador
James R. Vermillion Patricia & Kathryn Vermillion
Jamie, Justin, Casey and Taylor Gaffney Sue and Jimmy Gaffney
Janeda Price Rush Janet Sue Rush
Janet Sue Rush Thomas & Marilyn Kulhman Rush
Janice Watkins Her many friends
Jerry Mann Janet Sue Rush
Jesse & Mary Ann Barnes Tony, Tina, Jessica and Whitney Brazeal and Gary Barnes
Jesse ‘Carl’ Cason Linda Sutton
Jim Robel Audie & Larry Adkins and Marci & Michael Roe
Jo Nell Boykin Keith The Keith Family
Joe & Allie Pearson Bill & Winola Pearson
Joe Martin & Isabel Ramirez Patricia Crow
John & Mamie Elliot Bill & Winola Pearson
John Weinberg TXU Electric & Gas
Joseph Daniel Pyle Ray & Sharron Pyle
Josephine Geraldine “Gerri” Wallace Edmund Burke
Kathy Seei Friends of Kathy Seei
Lacey & Dorothy Harber American Bank Of Texas
Larry Eagan Marilyn Eagan
Leadership Frisco The Leadership Frisco Group is dedicating a tree in honor of the eight classes of Leadership Frisco for their dedication, commitment to the City of Frisco and the impact of their class projects to the City and the citizens of Frisco.
Leadership Frisco Class I Frisco Leadership Class III
Leadership Frisco Class II Frisco Leadership Class III
Leadership Frisco Class III Frisco Leadership Class III
Leadership Frisco Directors Leadership Frisco Program
Linda Anselmi Rankin John Anselmi Family
Linda Vanbebber Charles Vanbebber
Lonnie and Jessie Hale Gay Chandler
Lorene Lynette Chambers Bob Chambers
Mae E. Spellacy John Anselmi
Marci S. Roe Michael D. Roe
Margaret Simpson & Estelene “Peg” Edwards Mike and Sandy Simpson
Marguerite Coyat Zack John Anselmi Family
Marianne “Bobo” Meador James Meador Jr., Sarah Meador Claunch & Cordie Meador
Marilyn Kuhlman Thomas Rush, in honor of his wife, Marilyn Kuhlman
Marion (May) Saunders Barbara & Rex Talley
Mary Jo & A. C. Clapp Vickie L Cramer and her daughter Christal
Mattie Loreda Johnson Dinsmore Edna Earle Johnson Carver
Maurine Braden Smith Ray and Lena Smith
Michael F. Spellacy John Anselmi
Mike Roe Marci Roe
Mike Spratt Stonebriar Mission Ministry
Mildred Tittle The Family of Mildred Tittle
Molly Katherine Crysel Rex & Barbara Talley
Opal and Raymond ‘Boose’ Newman Sam and Anita Roach
Otis Spears GNB
Pamela Jane Rush Thomas & Marilyn Kulhman Rush
Patrick “Pat” Clifford Elisabeth Pink
Pearl Morris Edmund Burke & Sarah Claunch
Peggy Cobb Reynolds Family of Peggy Cobb Reynolds
Peggy Culp Medical City of Dallas friends
Perlie & Freida Adkins Larry & Audie Adkins
Peter Rao GNB
Peter Zack John Anselmi Family
Philip & Sibyl Pink Dr. Erwin and Elisabeth Pink
Polly Tadlock Ebby Halliday Real Estate
Price & Lee Stark John & Debra Davis, Terry & Aileene Stark, and Families
R. B. Head, Jr. Dr. Rick Reedy
R. W. (Woodrow) Antwiler The Family of R.W. (Woodrow) Antwiler
Ramon & Antonia Flores Paige Flores
Ray & Theresa Kuehn Kathy Kuehn Seei
Ray Allen & Maxine Mitchell Emily & Mason Mitchell
Reid Daniel Vender Doug and Kelley Vender
Rev. Alvin O. & Nina Hayes Rue Erwin G. Pink MD & Elisabeth Rue Pink
Rev. Jesse & Ethel Bolin Bob & Ann Warren
Robbie Talley Children & Grandchildren of Robbie Talley
Robert “BJ” Herrera, Jr. Doug & Dolores Coleman
Robert ‘Bob’ Chambers Lyn Chambers
Robert T. Stark & Sallie J. Phillips Evelyn Sue Stark Prewitt, Vivian Estelle Stark McCallum, Doris Jean Stark Marshall
Roberta Acton Dwayne & Erin Buhler
Roma Vanover Ellis Rita Ellis Slough, Robin Ellis Buffington and Rae Ellis Scrivner, in honor of their mother
Ronnie & Elliott Storey Sheila & Mindi Storey
Roy & Esther Warren Bob & Ann Warren
Sam & Oma Lee Lane Harold, Billy, Jack Lane & Sammy Vaughn
Sherman Talley Ken’s Lumber
Steve McGrade The Indians Soccer Team and the Frisco Soccer Association
The Fouche Family Michael Fouche
The Prosper Bank Emily Mitchell and Jean Beaty
Thomas Day Smith Shelley Smith
Thomas H. Rush Thomas R. Rush
Thomas R. Rush Marilyn L. Kuhlman
Tom & Irene Roach Sam & Ann Roach
Tom S. & Dorathy J. Egan Erwin G. Pink MD & Elisabeth Pink
Tracie Reveal-Shipman Family & Friends of Tracie Reveal-Shipman
Tracy D. King Friends of Billy King
Van Vanbebber, Melinda Vanbebber Willwerth, and Scott Willwerth Charles, Linda, and Van Vanbebber
Victims of 9-11-01 Don Wilson
Victims of Hurricanes Katrina & Rita Frisco Leadership Class 2005-2006
Vivian Estelle Stark McCallum and William Olin McCallum Ann Nikolaou, Linda Ness, Sam McCallum, Sue Melton
W.F. “Willie” & Ruby Bolin Reynolds Robert Reynolds, Willie Ray Reynolds & Ruby Reynolds Nichols
W.L. “Wald” Waldsmith GNB
Willie Dell Johnson Cunningham Loreda Johnson Dinsmore