United States Army

World War II, Europe

Killed In Action: November 29, 1944

After deploying overseas in 1943, Private Lee Harold Derryberry (January 22, 1922 – November 29, 1944) was in the 1st Cavalry Division when it engaged in heavy fighting across the rugged mountainous terrain of Leyte Island in the Philippines. The 22-year-old was killed in action on November 29, 1944, during a battle to push deeper into the Leyte Valley. Capturing the island cost American forces more than 15,000 men. Private Derryberry’s survivors include a brother, Private James Derryberry, and sister, Second Lieutenant Ollie Derryberry. Another brother, Captain Jerral Derryberry, was killed in a non-combat B-17 crash in 1943.  Private Derryberry is buried at Pecan Grove Cemetery near McKinney, Texas.