Brick Wall Genealogy Event Flyer 2018“BRICK WALL” GENEALOGY

Free class. ​No registration required.​​
Your attendance automatically registers you for a special genealogy prize.

Saturday, October 13, 2018
Frisco Heritage Museum • Second Floor Theatre • 6455 Page Street, Frisco 75034

Session One: 10am–Noon

This session will feature a short presentation on a “Brick Wall” success story that will inspire you to create your own. Then, work one-on-one with our researchers as they help guide you through your research and answer some of your questions. Your personal devices and/or laptops are welcome.

Lunch Break: Noon–1pm

Box lunches will be ordered from Jason’s Deli and brought in for those who wish to stay on site during the lunch break. You must pay and fill out an order form by 10am to have lunch brought in. A list of nearby restaurants will be available for those who wish to go out.

Session Two: 1–1:40pm

Forensic Genealogy is a new way of taking down brick walls by starting from the past – i.e. the deceased to the living – an approach that goes opposite from that most commonly used. Think of yourself as a detective and use creative search strategies, with and without photographs, to break down the brick walls and find treasures. Timely topics on varied issues related to DNA and research science will be discussed as well.

Door Prize Drawing: 1:45–2:30pm

The Heritage Association (HAF) is gathering photos pertaining to the history of Collin County – specifically Frisco and its surrounding areas– for our archives.

  • Bring your old photos (preferably prior to 1970) that feature homes, businesses, churches, social or school events, and people.
  • We will scan them and load them onto your flash/thumb drive (bring your own, please). You keep the original photo and the thumb drive, and
  • HAF will keep a copy of the digitized photos for its use and its archives.

Please email for more information and to let her know how many photos you have.

Announcing the 2018 Genealogy Expo hosted by the Frisco Library and the Frisco Heritage Association.

Genealogy Expo Finding the Lost 2018FINDING THE LOST

City Hall Council Chambers, 9am–2pm

This year’s featured topics include DNA, war records, search tips and more along with a vendor display area. THIS IS A FREE WORKSHOP


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