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This year three genealogy classes were sponsored by the Heritage Association and more are planned for next year along with a field trip to the Dallas Public Library. And each year, the Heritage Association co-sponsors a Genealogy Expo with the Frisco Public Library.

Check this site often for upcoming learning and research opportunities.

Genealogy Expo 2017“My Place in History” Genealogy Expo

November 18, 2017
The Senior Center at Frisco Square, 6670 Moore Street
This is a FREE EVENT sponsored by the Frisco Public Library and the Heritage Association of Frisco.

Don’t miss presentations by experts, vendor tables and individual work sessions with expert researchers.

Register for prizes at the Heritage Association’s “Take Time” display of time capsules and memory boxes.


Download these free forms and charts for your Memory Boxes and Time Capsules.
Links open PDF documents in a new window. Download the free Adobe PDF viewer.

All About Me
Color Me Family Tree
Creating a Time Capsule
Hand Print Boy
Hand Print Girl
Jot It Down
Monkey Note
My Family Tree Chart
My World Today
Preservation Websites