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Happy 119th Birthday to Frisco!

On February 7th and 8th, 1902, the Black Land Town Site Company held an initial auction to sell lots in the Collin County town established along the new railroad line built by the San Francisco and St. Louis Railway Company. The land originally was owned by Mr. Francis Emerson; so, they called the new town "Emerson" (or as some publications spelled it, "Emmerson"). The land sold that month 118 years ago was considered the "Original Donation," bounded by what we now know as John Elliott Street on the west, North/South County Road on the east, Walnut Street on the north and Ash Street on the south. A second auction was held in early March to sell more land, this time in what was considered the Griffin Addition northeast of the Original Donation.

The U.S. Post Office Department quickly objected to the name "Emerson" because it could easily be confused with the already established Lamar County town of Emberson. Instead, the railroad used the name "Frisco City" for a short time, and in March 1902, the first train came through our town, connecting Denison with Carrolton.

On April 24, 1902, the government transferred the Erudia Post Office to the new Frisco Post Office, with Thomas Duncan moving from Erudia to become Frisco's first Postmaster.

Because of the railroad's capability to move people and goods quickly and easily, Frisco attracted residents and businesses from nearby communities like Foncine, Lebanon and Erudia as well as other places further away.

Since the first land auction here in February 1902, the first train in March 1902, and the Post Office first established in April 1902, many great things have happened in 119 years. Happy Birthday Frisco!!

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