The Heritage Association of Frisco (HAF) was incorporated in the state of Texas as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 1998 and is run today by an all-volunteer staff.  The Association partners with the City of Frisco, Texas, mainly through the Frisco Heritage Museum and Center, and our current membership is approximately 150 members composed of individuals, families, and businesses.  We welcome anyone interested in embracing the past, present and future of our great city.


The Heritage Association of Frisco’s mission is to research, preserve, and share Frisco’s rich heritage in a manner that honors the past, builds a bridge between generations, and leaves a legacy for the future.


To accomplish our mission, we are committed to the following goals:

  • Collect and document the history of Frisco utilizing oral, written, and visual mediums.
  • Develop historical publications for the purpose of promotion, preservation, and education.
  • Participate in cooperative efforts with other organizations to continually develop and promote Frisco Heritage Center.
  • Encourage the preservation and restoration of historic buildings and sites.

Board of Directors

The association has a slate of officers elected from the membership and a multitude of committees all designed to research and preserve the history and heritage of Frisco.

President – Bob Allen
Vice President – Mike Cates
Treasurer – Stephanie Dodson
Secretary – Lisa Bethea
Past President – Susanne Kerley
Member – Brett Adams
Member – Donna Anderson
Member – Rita Crowder
Member – Chris Johnson
Member – Donna Schmittler
Member – Brad Sharp
Member – Brenda Tighe

City Representative – Toyia Pointer

Organizational Documents

Incorporation Documents

IRS 501c3 Documents


Collections Management Policy & Procedures