The Pink Gallery is named for former Heritage Association President Erwin G. Pink. Dr. Pink and his wife Elisabeth answered the call of a small rural community that had no doctor when they moved to Frisco in the mid-1950s. Dr.Pink set up his general medical practice here, and as Frisco’s only doctor, he treated a variety of ailments, performed minor surgery, and served as the physician for the Frisco Fighting Coons football team. In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Pink served his community in other significant ways including economic development and education. When Dr. Pink retired he became active in the Heritage Association serving as its President for several years. During his tenure, the organization grew in financial stability and reputation as one of the most dynamic in the community. The Heritage Center and Museum that is here today was the vision of Dr. Pink. He led the charge to place development of this unique park in a bond package that was passed by Frisco citizens in 2003. A true leader, Dr. Pink will always be remembered as a champion of historic preservation in Frisco, the city with the heart of a town.

Today, the Heritage Association has the honor of utilizing the Pink Gallery space to exhibit local artifacts and tell unique stories of our past. Visit the Pink Gallery on the first floor of the Heritage Museum during regular museum hours. Museum admission is required.

“The Lost Towns Exhibit”

Opening February 17, 2019 at the Frisco Heritage Museum

Frisco’s birth in 1902 signaled the beginning of the end for six once-thriving small towns. Each had churches, homes, schools, businesses and a post office. Eventually, these towns and other smaller communities disappeared, but they live on in street names, historic markers and in the memories of old-timers. Their land has been absorbed into the footprint that is Frisco today. A companion book/souvenir is available in the Museum Gift Shop or online.

Museum hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 10-5 p.m; Sunday 1-5 p.m; closed Monday and Tuesday

The Lost Towns of Frisco Front CoverThe Lost Towns of Frisco, Texas

A history of six small communities established in the mid-to-late 1800s that declined as Frisco began to grow.

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