Obtaining a Historic Marker

The Heritage Association has been marking historic sites in and around Frisco for over a decade. To date we have placed markers at 33 locations. The markers measure 16”x14” and are made of aluminum. They are attached to posts fixed in cement.

Most homes qualifying as historic will be found within the original town site of Frisco, an area bordered by Maple St. on the north, Ash St. on the south, County Rd. on the east, and John Elliott on the west.

Cost of the marker and post installed is $675. The owner is responsible for its safekeeping, maintenance and any liability. On some occasions, the Heritage Association will install a marker at its expense to designate a landmark not owned by any specific person. Suggestions for such landmarks are welcome.


Contact the Historic Sites Committee.

If you think your property qualifies for a historic marker, please contact us. Provide the location of your property and tell us why you think it might qualify as a historic site. Someone from the Historic Sites Committee will get back with you.

Complete the Historic Marker Application Form.

Download the form and mail it to:
Historic Sites Committee
Heritage Association of Frisco
PO Box 264
Frisco, Texas 75034

Provide documented research for the property proving its relevance to the history of Frisco.

The key to this step is documentation. Back up your research with printed copies of land deeds, tax records, family histories, photographs, etc. If you are making copies of documents, be sure the source name appears on the copy, i.e. Collin Co. Land Records, Vol. II, page 76.

Your property’s relevance to Frisco’s history might be that its lot was purchased at the 1902 town site auction or that the house was moved here from a neighboring village. Perhaps it was the site of a dress shop or its original owner was the town barber.

Books at the Frisco Library can provide histories of the town as well as founding families.

Submit your research to the Historic Sites Committee.

Your contact on this committee will arrange to meet you to go over your research, or you can submit it to him/her online. The committee will review your research and make a decision regarding whether or not your property qualifies for a marker.

Determine the text for the marker.

Submit the text you would like to have on the marker.  It must be no longer than 200 words including the heading, and will be edited and approved by the Historic Sites Committee prior to the marker being ordered.

Provide full payment for the marker and post to the Heritage Association of Frisco.

Cash, check or money orders are accepted.

Set a date for the marker unveiling and dedication ceremony.

The Heritage Association will hold an unveiling of the marker and a dedication ceremony. Some property owners host a reception and tour of the property afterward.