Obtaining a Historic Marker

In keeping with our mission to identify, research, and share Frisco’s history, the Heritage Association created a program to commemorate local historic sites. To date nearly 40 landmarks – including homes, businesses, “lost” towns, schools, cemeteries and even trees – have received historic markers.

The markers measure 16”x14” and are made of cast aluminum with a black leatherette background. They are attached to posts set in cement usually located in front of the property to be marked. The markers are purchased by the property owner with the assistance and guidance of the Historic Sites Committee.

Most homes qualifying as historic are found within the original town site of Frisco called The Original Donation. It’s an area bordered by Maple St. on the north, Ash St. on the south, County Rd. on the east, and John Elliott on the west. Whether in Original Donation or elsewhere in the Frisco area, structures must be 50 years or older and of significance to Frisco’s history to qualify for a marker.

Cost of the marker and post installed on your property is $900. (This cost may change as foundry costs change.) The marker’s owner is responsible for its safekeeping, maintenance and liability once it is installed. On some occasions, the Heritage Association will install a marker at its expense to designate a landmark not owned by any specific person. Suggestions for such landmarks are welcome.


Complete the Historic Marker Application Form.

If you think your property qualifies for a historic marker, please complete the online Application Form.

Provide the location of your property and tell us why you think it might qualify as a historic site. Please try to include some basic research from old records such as land deeds or census records. (Be sure to provide the source of all documents.) If your research includes oral information provided by neighbors or previous owners, write down the information, when it was said, and who said it. Be sure to include contact information for the individual.

Afraid of Research? Don’t be.

The Historic Sites Committee will assist you in compiling research on your property and provide documents or photos from our archives. Once all the research has been collected, it will tell the story of your property in relation to Frisco’s history. The narrative for the historic marker will be written by the Historic Sites Committee based on the collected research.

Here are some resources you might find interesting as well as helpful to your research:

Why is your property relevant to the history of Frisco?

Your application will ask how your property is relevant to Frisco’s history. It might be that your lot was purchased at the 1902 town site auction or that the house was moved here from a neighboring village. Perhaps it was the family home of a leading Frisco citizen or the original owner was the town barber. The research sources listed above will help you discover interesting and important facts.

In addition to its relevance, the home should have some of its original features that might include original wood floors, fireplaces, exterior porches and décor.

Submit your application to the Historic Sites Committee.

Submit your application along with any research you have to the Historic Sites Committee who will review it and make a decision regarding whether or not your property qualifies for a marker.

Provide full payment.

Cash, check or money orders are accepted, and must be provided before your marker will be ordered.

Set a date for the marker unveiling and dedication ceremony.

The Historic Sites Committee will work with you to select a date for a dedication of your property as a historic landmark. Your marker will be unveiled at the ceremony. Some property owners host a reception and tour of their property afterward.