Please read the following information and fill out the Application for Historic Marker form below. Submission of the form confirms your agreement and understanding of the below information.

I agree to provide documented historical research for the property named above to the Historic Sites Committee of the Heritage Association of Frisco. Instructions for beginner research can be found on the Historic Markers Page. Assistance by the Heritage Association of Frisco (HAF) is available.

I understand that:

  • The HAF Historic Sites Committee must approve the validity of the research before the site can qualify for a historic marker.
  • I will be purchasing the historic marker at a total cost of $900.00 which includes a cast aluminum marker size 16”wide by 14”high and a metal post.
  • The marker will be mounted on the post and set in concrete at the front of my property near the street enabling drivers to read it from their cars.
  • The Heritage Association must receive payment in full of before the marker order is placed.
  • Once the marker has been properly installed by the Heritage Association, its safekeeping, maintenance and liability is my responsibility.
  • If at some point in the future the site no longer represents of the goals of the association, is not appropriately preserved, is not historically appropriate or has been changed beyond its original intent, the Heritage Association of Frisco reserves the right to remove the marker.
  • If at any time the owner of the property wishes to have the marker removed, he/she should contact the Heritage Association of Frisco who will remove it for a fee.

I further understand that the Heritage Association of Frisco reserves the right to refuse this request.