A Map Guide to Historic Sites of Frisco, Texas

In keeping with its mission to research, preserve and share Frisco’s history, the Heritage Association of Frisco, Inc., established in 1998, has identified and marked 33 historic sites in and around Frisco. While not all sites are still in existence today (see the orange asterisk icon), many can be visited with the use of this map. Printed maps with photos and site descriptions are available for purchase in the Heritage Museum gift shop. We urge you to respect private property while enjoying a drive or a walk through Frisco’s history.

Map of Historic Sites in Frisco, Texas


A printed map with all site descriptions can be purchased in the Frisco Heritage Center Museum Gift Shop.

STAR-GRAPHIC-MAPKey to Discovery:
To find more information and photos, click on a site name in the key or on its number on the map.

1. Frisco ISD Maple Street Complex
2. Dr. I.S. Rogers Home
3. The Oldest Tree in Original Donation
4. The Fletcher House
5. The Dow Baccus House
6. The Biggerstaff House
7. The Jim W. Gordon House
8. Dr. J. M. Ogle Home
9. C. J. Hill Home
10. The Old Water Tower
AsteriskIconOrange 11. The Hamilton School
12. Z.T. Acker Elementary School
13. The Picture Show
14. McIntire-Montgomery Building
15. Carpenter Brothers Ford Dealership
16. Frisco Guaranty State Bank
17. First Baptist Church
18. T. J. Campbell Home
19. Grain Elevators

20. Calaboose
21. Historic Downtown
22. The Frisco Heritage Center and Heritage Museum
23. Youth Center Park
24. Bicentennial Park and Homer Carter Tractor
25. Dunaway Cemetery
26. Bethel Cemetery and Methodist Brush Arbor
AsteriskIconOrange 27. Foncine
AsteriskIconOrange 28. Erudia
29. Grove of “Spanish Oaks”
30. Zion Cemetery
31. Little Elm Cemetery
32. Twin Wells

AsteriskIconOrange Site no longer exists  OLD-DONATION-SQUARE-GRAPHIC Historic townsite boundary

The Historic Sites map and all its contents including photographs, graphics and text is the property of the Heritage Association of Frisco, Inc. and may not be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the Heritage Association. For more information call 972‐292-5657.