Purple Hearts

    Frisco is a Purple Heart City, and August 7 is National Purple Heart Day. The Purple Heart medal dates back to the earliest days of George Washington and our new nation’s Army but was not used much between the early 1800s and the early 1930s. The […]

Private James F. Sparkman

Picture of James F SparkmanUnited States Army

World War I, Europe

Killed In Action: February 5, 1918

Private James F. Sparkman (September 9, 1881 – February 5, 1918), U.S. Army, was headed to England in 1918 to join the fighting underway during the Great War. He was 26 […]

Private Elmer Eslick Parks

United States Army

World War I

Wounded in Action:  1918, Exact Date Unknown

Elmer Eslick Parks (July 22, 1888 – May 12, 1943), like his brother Frank Parks, also served in the United States Army during World War I. Both were nephews of the Wagoner Family with whom they lived on Maple Street in Frisco before their […]

Private First Class Alfred Frank Smith

United States Army

World War I

Wounded in Action:  November 10, 1918

Private First Class Frank Smith (April 8, 1896 – March 13, 1981) was a native of Frisco Texas and served in the United State Army during World War I from September 19, 1917 to July 19, 1919. He […]

Seaman Richard Lloyd Bolton

United States Navy

World War II, Pacific

Killed In Action: August 9, 1942

Seaman Richard Lloyd Bolton (Unknown – August 9, 1942) was serving aboard the cruiser USS Quincy when the Quincy and other American ships exchanged heavy fire with Japanese cruisers during the Battle of Savo Island. Although […]