9349 Sunset Drive and McKinney Road

As early as 1954 there was a park at this location, but in 1975 then Frisco Mayor Harold Bacchus acquired a grant from Texas Parks and Wildlife to make improvements. In 1976, as part of Frisco’s celebration of our country’s 200th anniversary, the park was named Bicentennial Park. It served as the City’s only park for many years.

The Homer Carter family donated the 1939 Farmall F20 tractor and farm implements that honor the agrarian past and the farmers who settled in and tamed the Blackland Prairie that surrounds Frisco. A strip of rich black, deep topsoil that is about 40 miles wide and 100 miles in length from the North to the South is in the center of the northern section of Collin County. It produced abundant crops and this land attracted farmers to this area. The people who settled the Frisco area were hardworking, patient, tenacious, and sometimes stubborn. The park reminds us of the legacy of those hardy souls.