6990 Main Street

This red brick structure was built about 1911 to house the Carpenter Brother’s Ford Dealership. Three sons of Dr. J. D. Carpenter – Jefferson Rogers (Rogie), Willie, and Syrel – sold Model T’s and Model A’s and other Ford vehicles in the building. It is one of the few standing on the north side of Main Street after the fire of 1922 destroyed most of the buildings in Frisco’s downtown. Former Frisco Mayor, Bob Warren, tells the story of riding his tricycle from his home on Williams Street to the Main Street location of his Dad’s barbershop. The year was 1926 and he was five years old and since the only “wheels” he had was his tricycle he would take a shortcut through the Ford Dealership entering at the service door at the rear and proceed through the showroom and out the front door. While in the showroom he would stop and admire the beautiful black Model T. By 1928 the Model A that came in colors other than black and had a rumble seat was proudly on display. In 1940 the Carpenter Brothers closed shop and left Frisco. After 1940, the building had a variety of tenants, to include the Farmers’ Co-Op Store, the Holmen Textile Company, and Frisco’s public library.