6891 Main Street

Frisco Guaranty State Bank SafeIn 1909, W. H. Butts organized the Frisco Guaranty State Bank at the corner of 4th and Main Street. The building still contains the bank vault doors purchased from the Mosler Safe Company and the actual safe is located in the Frisco Heritage Museum. In the early 1920’s the bank was sold to C. L. Savage, C. A. Covington and others and became the Frisco State Bank. The 1927 Texas Bank Directory listed the population of Frisco as 1,000, the bank directors as C.L. Savage, President; C. L. Bishop, Vice-President; C. A. Covington, Cashier; and deposits of $272,311. In a prelude to the Great Depression, the bank failed in late 1928. The bank reopened for a short time, but only to collect outstanding loans and to pay depositors what could be paid. There was not to be another bank in Frisco for eighteen years. In 1936, the building was opened as the Frisco Federal Credit Union to serve the check cashing needs of the town and to make small loans. In 1947 the First State Bank of Frisco was organized and used this building until 1975. The building served as Frisco’s City Hall from 1977 to 2006.