End of King Road between Little Elm and Frisco

The Little Elm Cemetery was established on a one-acre plot donated by Joel Clark in the 1800’s. Located near Cottonwood Creek the first burial was said to have been O. S. Griggs in 1870. Mrs. William Robertson organized volunteers in 1903 to take care of the cemetery grounds. The cemetery is the final resting place for many people who were prominent in the history of Frisco and Little Elm. Many of Frisco’s early doctors and Frisco’s first mayor, Dr. I. S. Rogers are buried here.

As the years passed, the demand for water to serve the Dallas area became an issue. Numerous acres of land in Little Elm were used by the government to construct the Garza-Little Elm reservoir which resulted in 800 graves being moved to higher ground. Various cemeteries and burial grounds that had once been located in the valleys of Little Elm were then moved to the Little Elm Cemetery including the Sublette, Grace-Smith, King, Harper, McCurley, Ball, Mexican, Erwin, and Dudley family cemeteries.

Management of Little Elm Cemetery is by the Little Elm Cemetery Association, P.O. Box 484, Little Elm, Texas 75068; 214-796-6036