Rev. Elijah White Roach and family


Rev. Elijah White Roach

“In a country churchyard, in Charlotte County, there stands a modest stone over the grave of one of the most useful and beloved pastors of the Baptists of Virginia. For, fifty-three years […]

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Now and Then

A Sharecropper’s Daughter

By Bob Warren

SO WHAT IS A SHARECROPPER? You old timers know, but for you “young’uns,” the dictionary says, “A sharecropper is one who works the land for a share of the crops.” This was a very common practice all across the South in the early 1900s.

Erwin G. Pink – Frisco looses ‘Living Legend’

Frisco has lost the man who served as its only doctor in the 1950s and 1960s.

Dr. Erwin G. Pink died in his sleep in the early morning of April 20. He and his wife, Elisabeth, came to Frisco in 1954. He replaced Dr. Billy Parnell, who was in poor health. Pink started […]

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Erwin G. Pink Memorial Service


On Saturday at 2 p.m., a memorial service for Dr. Erwin G. Pink will be held at Centennial High School, located at 6901 Coit Road.

The memorial is open to the public with reserved seating for family, the Heritage Association, and other groups the late doctor worked with.

Dr. Pink died in his sleep in the […]

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Chappell Family Home History

by Judy Isbell, Frisco, Texas -2008

The first public auction of town lots in Emerson under the auspices of Black Land Townsite Company, were held on February 7 and 8, 1902.

The McKinney Democrat newspaper ran an article on March 6, 1902 describing “Flourishing Emmerson”. Under residences that will be built, E.C. Chappell’s name is […]

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