Summer is almost over. It’s a fact. School starts again in two weeks. That’s a fact. School tours of the museum will begin again late September or early October. That, too, is a fact. The Museum needs your help. That’s definitely a fact!

Volunteers who have served this year tell me that it is a really enjoyable experience and they are eager to serve again.

School tours last about an hour. We try to keep groups limited to twenty students. Three groups touring the museum at a time is the norm. Each group is chaperoned by a teacher and/or several parents. Behavior has not been a problem at the museum. If behavior should become a problem, the whole group would be asked to leave.

Training for school volunteers and volunteers who will on want to be greeters at this time, is being conducted at the Museum on three Thursdays in September. Scripts/ museum information have been prepared for tours conducted inside the museum and for tours outside the museum. This training program is intended for volunteers who have not previously served; it is being offered as a refresher course for returning volunteers. The course is optional for returning guides, but will be mandatory for new guides.

The first week will be an introduction to and walk through the museum. Volunteers will receive the script for the inside tour and the training schedule. A detailed discussion of the script will be held the second week. The third week volunteers will conduct a tour of the museum with a qualified mentor.

Oh, yes! Training classes are on Thursdays – September 10, September 17, and September 24 from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. at the Heritage Museum, 6455 Page Street – next door to Babe’s.

If you are interested please contact: Betty Jo King