A study of the Roach Family History

The Family of Elijah Thomas Roach and Cora Isabella Brightwell


Husband:   Elijah Thomas Roach
Born:  22 Feb 1848 in Prince Edwards County, Virginia
Died:  10 Jan 1903 in Frisco, Texas
Father:   Elijah White Roach
Mother:   Nancy Richardson Harvey


Wife:   Cora Isabella Brightwell

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Crozier Family History

The Family of John Rufus Crozier and Nannie Lestelle Chambers


Husband:   John Rufus Crozier
Born:  26 August 1844 in Kentucky
Died:  5 September 1883 in Lebanon, Collin County, Texas
Father:   John Crozier


Wife:   Nannie Lestelle Chambers
Born:  3 […]

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Thomas Nelson and Mary Susan Brown Kerley

The Family of Thomas Nelson Kerley and Mary Susan Brown

Husband:   Thomas Nelson Kerley
Born:  23 Feb 1852 in Smith County, Tennessee
Died:  01 Oct 1930 in McKinney, Texas
Father:   Dr. William Kerley
Mother:   Matilda F. Holt


Wife:   Mary Susan Brown

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The HILL Family of Early Frisco

The Family of John Hutchinson Hill and Alice Stoddard


Husband:   John Hutchinson Hill
Born:  13 March 1852 in Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee
Died:  2 February 1939 in Frisco, Collin County, Texas


Wife:   Alice […]

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From the old days…

“Lucky” won’t be seen anymore

From the Frisco Enterprise Thursday,January 27, 1977

In a time of indifference to stray dogs and cats,  many people are attracted to a few old pets.  During the past twelve years, one orange-red chow named “Lucky” came to be known by many citizens of Frisco.  The Cates’ old pet (he would […]

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