The Family of Jeremiah Vardeman and Polly Coffee


Husband:   Jeremiah Vardeman
Born:  10 May 1797 in Lincoln County, Kentucky
Died:  28 March 1854 in Collin County, Texas
Father:   Morgan Vardeman
Mother:   Polly Trousdale


Wife:   Polly Coffee
Born:  25 April […]

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Ernest Marvin Rogers-Anne Lee Kay

Husband:   Ernest Marvin Rogers
Born:  11 Dec 1884 in Collin Co, TX
Died:  20 May 1955 in Dallas Co, TX
Father:   Joseph Brown Rogers
Mother:   Martha Elizabeth (Mattie) Shrader


Wife:   Anne Lee Kay
Born:  8 Jul 1884 in Abbeville Co, SC

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Davis Family study

The Family of Thomas Davis and Jane Donnell

Husband:   Thomas Davis
Born:  20 December 1809 in Tennessee
Died:  3 August 1867 in Bethel Cemetery,Frisco, Collin County, Texas


Wife:   Jane Donnell
Born:  11 June 1810 in
Died:  4 November […]

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Rev. Elijah White Roach and family


Rev. Elijah White Roach

“In a country churchyard, in Charlotte County, there stands a modest stone over the grave of one of the most useful and beloved pastors of the Baptists of Virginia. For, fifty-three years […]

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Now and Then

A Sharecropper’s Daughter

By Bob Warren

SO WHAT IS A SHARECROPPER? You old timers know, but for you “young’uns,” the dictionary says, “A sharecropper is one who works the land for a share of the crops.” This was a very common practice all across the South in the early 1900s.